The Tara canyon, protected by UNESCO, is the deepest and longest in Europe. Rafting through the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers.

Slicing through the mountains at the northern edge of the national park, the Tara River forms a canyon that is 1300m deep at its peak (the Grand Canyon plummets a mere 200m deeper). 

The crystal clear Tara river gorge extends between the green and snow-white mountain peaks, emerging in all its’ unprecedented glory.

Tara river is created by two separate rivers that spring in the Komovi mountains – Opasanica and Veruša. It is 158 km long and has a whopping 14 rivers flowing into it, with 69 rapids, so it is no wonder why it is so popular rafting destination in Montenegro. Another feature that adds to its’ wild portrayal is the cascades – there are more than 40 of them, with the most prominent of them being Crna Vrela, Bijela Vrela, Djavolje Lazi, Sokolovina, and Bijeli Kamen. 

Aside from being one of the most beautiful sites, you’ll ever lay your eyes in Montenegro, the beauty of the Tara river gorge was also recognized by UNESCO. 

In 1977. it has become a part of the “Man and Biosphere” program for its’ diverse flora and fauna species. 

Fish like trouts, huchens, and graylings, and animals such as eagles, vultures, bears, wolves and foxes, all find refuge in the wilderness surrounding the gorge. Forests are filled with oaks, black pine trees, and ashes, and the water from the river is clean and drinkable throughout the entire stream, which is yet another proof of its’ intactness.

The last 40 km of Tara river acts as a natural border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this lower part of the river is also the one that is most packed with rapids, thereby the most popular for organizing Tara canyon rafting and kayaking activities, as the rapids speed up the river flow and make the rides faster and the entire experience more adventurous..

Tara river gorge and its’ famous Djurdjevica bridge 
One of the unique sites extending just above the Tara river gorge is the Djurdjevica bridge – standing proudly 172 m above it. 

It was built between 1938. and 1940., designed by professor Mijat Trojanović, with the goal to connect to opposite sides of the gorge – villages Budeševica and Trešnica. The bridge is 365 m long, and is not very wide, which didn’t stop it to become one of the most beautiful bridges in the Balkans – so beautiful in fact, that in some parts of Montenegro there is a legend that fairies have helped build it.