Can you imagine yourselves flying through the stunning nature, hovering above emerald-green water of the Piva Lake, the largest reservoir of fresh water in the Balkans? If yes, the adrenaline Zip Line over the Piva Lake is a unique opportunity for you.


Ready to feel the wind in your hair and see your destination from a bird’s-eye view?


The adventure starts from the Guesthouse Eko Piva, situated right at the entrance of Pluzine. Meet our experienced instructors, refresh yourself in the Restaurant, and get the zipline equipment. After short instructions, you'll be ready to grip the handles of the first zipline and fly over the well-known Piva Lake. You'll take a short break on the other side of the Lake, take some good photos, and then take another zipline to the final destination - the Big Bridge on the Piva Lake. Our driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the starting point. If you prefer, you can walk back for about 10 minutes.

The total length of the Zip Line is 1400 meters making it the longest zipline in Montenegro.

The maximum speed of the flight is 65 km/h.

The starting point height is 750 meters while the arrival point is 688 meters.

You will be overwhelmed by a sense of freedom, control, and self-confidence while your body quivers in the air, and your eyes gaze down at the natural beauties and the lake on your way back to the famous bridge on the Piva Lake. The most significant detail is that this adrenaline attraction is absolutely safe and it attracts a large number of tourists and adventurers from all around the world.

This feeling cannot be described but must be experienced!

Price per person 30€. 

The Piva Lake was formed by the construction of the Piva hydroelectric plant in 1975 (240 m high). It is 45 kilometers long and up to 200 meters deep. The elevation is 675 m from sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world.  Many people say that Piva Canyon was even more beautiful, more attractive, and more mysterious than the Tara Canyon. Piva Lake water is drinkable and is the largest reservoir in Europe. The temperature in summer is around 22°C and it is a real paradise for recreation and sports activities.

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What is included in the trip price?
  •  Qualified guide service
  •  Zipline ride 1400m long distributed over two lines
  •  Transfer during the trip
  •  Parking


What isn't included in the trip price?
  •  Beverages
  •  Additional services
What to wear?
  •  Dress according to the weather having in mind that it may be windy by the Lake
  •  Wind and rainproof clothes are usually a good idea
  •  Sport or hiking shoes with a fully-enclosed toe and heel
  •  Tie your hair up (either braid it or tie it in a low bun) so it won’t get tangled
Frequently asked questions

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you need to book in advance. You can make a reservation directly on our website.  

How long does it take?

It takes approximately 25 minutes.

What are the age and bodyweight restrictions? 

  •  Minimum age 5 years
  •  Children aged 5 years and above fly in tandem zipping with our guide
  •  Minimum weight 40 kg to fly alone
  •  Maximum weight 130 kg (including tandem zips with children)
  •  Children and young people can join a zip line adventure on their own from the age of 12 if accompanied by parents or having a parental agreement. 

Fitness / Disabilities

You do not need to be an athlete to zip. As long as you are physically and mentally fit you can go zipping. If you can handle a walk and then climb a two-meter ladder, you are fit to zip. If you have some type of disability, please feel free to contact us. We always try to find a solution to enable as many people as possible to join our adventures. 

What if I am pregnant?
We don’t recommend pregnant women go zipping. Please consult a medical expert before you make a reservation for the zip line adventure. 

Can I bring my camera and/or mobile phone?
Yes, you can take a camera and/or a mobile with you but you are responsible for it. The company does not pay for loss or damage. 

What happens when the weather is bad?
The saying 'There is no bad weather, only bad clothing' applies to us. To zip in the rain is actually quite fun and could be a highlight if you are dressed correctly. Feeling the rain whipping against your face as you zip along high above the ground is actually very pleasant. 

We don't cancel a departure because of ordinary rainy weather. We do cancel adventures in the event of a rainstorm or thunderstorm. In that case, you will get your money back. 


We understand how overwhelming it can be to plan and book your vacation.

With so many options out there you’re left constantly wondering: Did I pick the right trip? Are there any hidden fees? What if we need to cancel? So we’ve decided to do everything we can to make the process as easy and flexible as possible. Because after all, vacations are supposed to be fun, right?

  •      We request a 20% payment at the time of reservation.
  •      If your trip is canceled last minute due to Covid choose from free date changes, voucher, or a full refund.
  •      Daily trips can be rescheduled or fully refunded at no cost if made 2 days in advance.
  •      Trips including accommodation can be rescheduled at no cost or fully refunded if made 5 days in advance.
  •      If you have qualified for group discount cancellations must be received 10 days prior to the trip’s scheduled departure and your deposit will be fully refunded.
  •      Any requested trip changes are accommodated at no additional cost based on availability.

We seldom cancel or postpone a trip, but we reserve the right to do so when necessary: due to water conditions, weather, insufficient reservations, or other reasons beyond our control. In such a case, 100% of your fees will be refunded or applied to another trip, but not expenses incurred in travel.

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