The Tara canyon, protected by UNESCO, is the deepest and longest in Europe. Rafting through the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers.

The rafting season lasts from May till October. In May and early June water flows are high and more adventurous. In July, August and September water levels typically drop and conditions become perfect for younger families and multi-generation groups. 

Air temperature reaches 30C during summer days while at night it is always cozily fresh and it goes down below 15C. Water temperature ranges from 7C to maximum 12C in summer time, but with quality neoprene suits and boots, many people enjoy swimming. Tara, the longest river of Montenegro (144 km) is rafting navigable for almost 90km. There are two rafting start points: 

Šlivansko (Splavište), near Zabljak, belonging to the Durmitor National Park, and thus increasing significantly the price of rafting programs compared to the ones in lower part of the canyon. We organize the following programs from this point on: 

- Two day rafting from Žabljak
- Full day rafting from Žabljak

In the lower part of the Tara River – the starting point is Brstanovica, close to the small village Šćepan Polje. This is the most attractive part for rafting, often called “adrenaline” where the World Rafting Championship was held in 2009. The Tara river holds the majority of its rapids in this 18km part with 21 bigger rapids and the attractive waterfall. The rafting fee is significantly lower than in the upper part which reflects in lower price for rafting programs, making it the most affordable and popular area for activities. The most popular programs are: 

- One Day High Adventure
- Two Day Tara River Rafting Getaway
- Three Day Ultimate Rafting Escape

Don’t miss the fun in 2020!

The Tara River will be running strong and the upcoming season is sure to provide lots of fun and thrills! Reserve your trip now!

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