If you have ever dreamed of flying, or gazed up at the birds soaring above longing to join them, this is your chance to live that experience!
Paragliding on Durmitor


Tandem paragliding flight is a very pleasant experience and anyone can participate. As a tandem paragliding passenger, you are not required of any previous knowledge. Your professional tandem pilot will brief you on everything you need to know, shortly before the flight. Takeoffs are easy (just a few steps usually) and landings are generally soft.

The starting point of the flight is located just below Savin Kuk summit, at 2200 m.a.s.l. During the flight, you will be seated in a comfortable harness with 360-degree views of the Durmitor and Black Lake.

This memorable adventure includes tickets for 25 minutes chairlift ride, about 20 minutes flight with a licensed and experienced pilot, safety equipment, and passenger insurance at the total cost 90€. If you choose to keep the memory of your flight in the form of photos and videos, your pilot may bring a wide-angle digital camera that is mounted on an extendable monopod. A USB memory card with in-flight photos and videos cost 15€.

There is no age limit and we have experience flying young children from age 8, as well as senior citizens. Physical fitness is only an advantage but not a requirement.

The price is 90€ per person.

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What is included in the trip price?
  •   Chairlift ticket
  •   Safety equipment
  •   Passenger insurance
  •   15 - 20 minutes flight
Frequently asked questions

How long does the flight take?

The turnaround time for the whole experience is about one hour. The actual flight time depends on the weather conditions on the day. Flights generally last anything from fifteen to twenty minutes.

What are the lower and upper age limits for flying in tandem?

There is no age limit and we have experience flying young children from age 8, as well as senior citizens. Physical fitness is only an advantage but not a requirement.

What are the weight limits for flying in tandem?

Tandem paragliders allow a weight range for passengers to be anywhere from 15 kg to 125 kg.

Where can I leave personal things during the flight? Is it possible to carry with you something of personal belongings, such as a cell phone, car keys, etc?

You can leave your things at the booking station (base of the chairlift). It is also possible to pack something from personal belongings into a pocket of a tandem system.

What should I wear during the flight?

During the flight, it is preferable to have pants and long sleeves. Also, in many occasions, we recommend you to bring a thin jacket or windstopper.

Is it extreme?

Paragliding, if approached in the right way, is not dangerous or extreme! Our expert pilots use only safe and efficient equipment so that you can fully enjoy your flight.

What do I need to bring with me?

A bottle of water, sunscreen lotion and a camera if you wish to take your own photos. 

How do I pay?

You can pay 20% in advance on our website, and the remaining of the trip cost should be paid in cash after the flight.

Can I communicate with the pilot during the flight?

Due to the paraglider motion, there is always a slight breeze, but the noise level is low, hence you can talk with the pilot.

How do we get back to my car?

Our landing field is located just by the parking space at the Savin Kuk ski area, so after the flight, you have a short walk back.

What isn't included in the trip price?

Transfer from your place to the starting point. It could be organized upon request.

Your photos & videos. It could be ordered directly at the spot.

Beverages and meals.

Other expenses and services.

What to bring?
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Sport shoes
  •  Casual clothing

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If your answer is YES -  the last conquered Canyon in Europe is the right adventure for you! 

The Canyoning adventure starts at 10:00 am with direct pick up from your hotel in Zabljak and safe driving through attractive landscape right to the Village Poscenje, one of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro. Your guides will fit your canyoning equipment (wet suit and socks, a lifejacket and helmet) to ensure safety, and give you detailed safety instructions. 

The first encounter with Nevidio will take your breath away with its indescribable beauty, fabulous and extraordinary. It starts at the very end of the valley justifying its name, as the river Komarnica suddenly disappears in the strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.  The biggest part of the canyon is in eternal shadow. Sunlight cannot reach the bottom because of the steep cliffs. On these sheer and hardly reachable rocks, the conditions for vegetation are harsh, so one can say that the canyon is a pearl of the cruel nature or heaven and hell at the same time. 

Your conquering of the Nevidio Canyon will approximately last three hours, but you will be remembering it all your life. This challenging adventure ends with a delicious lunch in the Ethno restaurant at about 3 pm. You can read more information and make a reservation right here

Let the adventure begin!


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