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Montenegrin drinks

Montenegro produces both red and white wines but the former have more character. Vranac is the best known and very drinkable red wine, with a fine ruby colour and a Mediterranean character. Vranac Pro Cordem has high level of prothoanthocyanidol and is marketed as very good for the heart. The third popular variety is Merlot.  Krstac is a pleasant dry white which competes with local Chardonnay and very decent Sauvignon.

The real national liquors are different kinds of brandies (rakija). Loza is white grape brandy which is the universal mark of Montenegrin hospitality and a great source of goodwill. The slightly upmarket version is Kruna, distilled in copper stills fired with vine twigs and wood, while Podgorica brand is called Crnogorski Prvijenac. Well-known is plum brandy (sljivovica), too.

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