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Will I get wet?

Yes – but you will be in a wetsuit. White water rafting is a great activity for rainy days as you are going to be wet anyway!

What shoes should I wear?

We provide complete and professional rafting equipment including wetsuit and booties, life jackets and helmets, as well as anoraks for rainy occasions. So you can wear your normal shoes to get to the rafting base.

What do I need to bring?

You should bring swimming suit and suntan lotion, sunglasses and warm clothes for chilly evenings.

Do I have to be able to swim?

No. You do not have to be a swimmer at all. Everyone has to wear safety west but you have to follow instructions provided by your river guide. No one falls down from the boat, unless by purpose.

When rafting season starts?

Our season usually starts April 15 and runs till October 1. April, May and early June are defined by higher water flows and attract the more adventuresome groups. While still offering a variety of whitewater options that promise a perfect trip for all levels of interest and...

What are the age limits for rafting?

We encourage everyone, young and old, fit or couch potato, to experience the fun of white water rafting and hope that you will learn to love this sport as much as we do. We hosted children 4 years old but also people in seventies.

What if I have never been on rafting before?

Most of our guests have never been on rafting before. All our programs are adapted for newcomers.

Do I need to tip my guide?

Tipping is not normally expected in Montenegro, however if you feel you would like to show your appreciation that is totally at your discretion.

What happens if it is raining?

Whitewater rafting will still go ahead if it is raining, you are going to get wet anyway and the river is normally at its’ best then. We will not refund if you decide to cancel at short notice due to rain or bad weather.

Can I wear sunglasses/ prescription glasses or contact lenses?

Yes you can, however we do recommend a sports strap or tie for glasses. Once again remember we can’t guarantee the safety of your glasses so if you can do without them then do.