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Tara River Rafting

Rafting through the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers. The Tara canyon, protected by UNESCO, is the deepest and longest in Europe. There are more than 80 large caves along the canyon. The Tara River is the biggest European supply of drinking...

Piva Regional Nature Park

  The Piva Nature Park is located in the far northwest of Montenegro between the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the boundaries of the Durmitor National Park, occupying a significant part of the Plužine municipality. The Piva Regional park of nature is a natural link...

Canyon Nevidio

Nevidio canyon, one of the prime attractions of Montenegro, used to be impassable except for professionals, but nowadays adventurous tourists can pass the canyon in guided groups with modern equipment. The canyon is 3.8km long, but it takes almost an entire day to pass through,...

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It spreads across 39000 ha, and its area of 20000. This natural oasis is rich in flora and fauna -there are 1,600 different kinds of plants and a rich animal life. A special phenomenon is the Ice Cave, which...


Population: 650,575 Capital: Podgorica Language: Montenegrin, Serbian Major cities: Nikšić, Cetinje, Budva, Bar, Bijelo Polje Currency: Euro (Eur) Religions: Orthodox, Islam, Roman Catholic Airports: Podgorica (TGD), Tivat (TIV) Ports: Bar Area code (prefix): +382 Time zone: +1...