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  • that the Tara Canyon

    is 1,330m deep which makes it the deepest in Europe and second deepest in the world after Colorado.

    • that there are more than 80

      very interesting, large caves in the Tara Canyon? Tara is the last European unpolluted river that you can drink during the whole flow!

      • that Montenegro has as much as vegetal units

        as the whole area of Europe. In the area of Montenegro there are 2.833 plant breeds and sub breeds. 220 plants among them are characteristic only for the area of Balkans and 22 are the plants that exist only in Montenegro.

        • that the eels from the Skadar Lake

        • travel for months toward Sargask Sea, and towards Cuba and Bahamas for spawning. Transparent little eels travel back from there for three years without any “guides” because eels that were spawning died in the Gulf of Mexico.

          • that the island Galebovo in Skadar Lake

          •  is the biggest nestling place of the silver gull in Montenegro. It is very rare and interesting that sea birds are nestling in the fresh-waters.