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Piva Lake Cruising

  • Swim in greatest drinking water reservoir
  • Discover hidden magic of the Piva Lake
  • Taste two delicious traditional meals
  • Spend a lazy, tranquil day in cruising
50 Eur

One Day High Rafting Adventure

  • Enjoy the best rafting trip on the Tara River
  • 18 km and 21 rapids and the nicest waterfall
  • Taste 2 delicious meals next to the River
  • Bask in the most hygienic water in the world
45 Eur

Mountain Biking to Trsa on Durmitor

  • Enjoy riding through breathtaking scenery
  • Discover enchantment of mountain biking
  • Perfect intermediate difficulty followed tour
  • Taste two great traditional meals next to river
50 Eur

Land Rover Safari Around Durmitor

  • Discover hidden magic of Montenegro
  • Take advantage of 126 km unique sites
  • Enjoy delicious lunch on Zabljak
  • Enjoy walking around the Black lake
60 Eur

Kayaking on the Piva Lake

  • Relax actively in incredible surrounding
  • Discover hidden magic of the Piva Lake
  • Find remaining details of sunken Piva Canyon
  • Enjoy lunch in Jazz Restaurant Zvono, Pluzine
50 Eur

Horseback riding on Durmitor

  • Saddle up and search for best viewpoint
  • Spend 2 fantastic hours on horseback riding
  • Enjoy 2 delicious meals next to the River
  • Make your own mix of outdoor activities
50 Eur

Hiking Tour to Stabanska Lakes

Hike as much as you like:)  Enjoy the fantastic view of the beautiful Piva mountain tops, and swim in the crystal clear Stabanska lakes. Meeting...

Hiking from Trsa in the National Park Durmitor

  • Perfect intermediate difficulty tour
  • Enjoy exceptionally views on highest peak
  • Taste two great traditional meals
  • Spend wonderful active day in hiking
40 Eur

Climbing to Durmitor

  • Get ready for very demanding adventure!
  • Challenging 6 hours long climbing
  • Enjoy beautiful Durmitor surroundings
  • Compare beauty of Piva and Tara Canyons
50 Eur