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Ethno Village Montenegro

Lovers of vast green meadows covered with colorful field of flowers and plants, we recommend staying in the village Brezna. A place where you can walk for hours, have fun with various sports and social games, pick herbs and mushrooms, ride bicycle or simply relax in the shade of trees and sunbathe on the grass.

This beautiful village is located in the Piva area, 30 km from Niksic on the way to Scepan Polje and Sarajevo, it’s only an hour drive from Zabljak same far from Scepan Polje, while it takes only half an hour drive to get to the Piva Lake. There are numerous road signs that can be easily followed.

We recommend accommodation in lovely and newly built stone cottages with double beds, bathrooms and fireplaces. The additional 2 beds placed in the attic make this cottage an ideal place for accommodation of younger families or small group of friends.  There is also pleasant and calm atmosphere in the wooden bungalows with bathrooms settled along rural grassy fields. The high altitude and pure air will open your appetite and we are fully confident that you will enjoy organic food prepared on the traditional way in the Ethno restaurant.

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