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Zip Line over the Piva Lake

Can you imagine yourselves flying through the stunning nature, hovering above emerald-green water of the Piva Lake, the largest reservoir of fresh water in the Balkans?

If yes, the adrenaline Zip Line over the Piva Lake is a unique opportunity for you.

The adventure starts from the Eko-Piva Hostelry in Pluzine, continues over the well-known Piva Lake, where you make a short break to take photos and then you use another zip cable to get to your final destination by the Big Bridge on the Piva Lake.

The total length of the Zip Line is 1400 meters making it the longest zip line in Montenegro.

You will be overwhelmed by a sense of freedom, control and self-confidence while your body quivers in the air and your eyes gaze down at the natural beauties and the lake on your way back to the famous bridge on the Piva Lake.

The most significant detail is that this adrenaline attraction is absolutely safe and it attracts a large number of tourists and adventurers from all around the world.

This feeling cannot be described but must be experienced!

Reserve your adventure on time. Simply email us at: [email protected]