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We would love to meet you and show you around a very special part of the planet!


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Family Outdoor Adventure

  • Enjoy the fun and excitement with your kids
  • Create great memories of family time
  • Let your kids to value wonders of nature
  • Book this outdoor adventure for your family
From 140 Eur

One Day High Rafting Adventure

  • Enjoy the best rafting trip on the Tara River
  • 18 km and 21 rapids and the nicest waterfall
  • Taste 2 delicious meals next to the River
  • Bask in the most hygienic water in the world
45 Eur

Two Day Tara River Rafting Getaway

  • Enjoy 18 km of rafting with 21 great rapids
  • Taste 3 fantastic Montenegrin specialties
  • Spend relaxing evening next to campfire
  • Chill out with sounds of nature
From 65 Eur

Splashdown Scouts Package

  • Enjoy the best rafting tour on Tara
  • Get ready for two great nights under stars
  • Spend great time with your school mates
  • Get know the wonders of nature to love it
65 Eur

Northern Montenegro in 4 days

  • Raft on Tara, Bike to Trsa, walk to Black Lake
  • Spend 4 days out of noise and crowd
  • Relax 3 nights and taste 9 delicious meals
  • Discover the hidden beauties of Montenegro
From 219 Eur

Three Day Ultimate Rafting Experience

  • Raft about 70 km in just 2 days on Tara River
  • Relax 2 evenings next to the campfire
  • Chill out in nature in 2 different lodgings
  • Taste 6 delicious Montenegrin specialties
from 200 Eur

Full Fun for the Entire Family

  • Enjoy best rafting on Tara and riding on Trsa
  • Spend 2 relaxing evenings in lovely lodgings
  • Make campfire and barbecue with your kids
  • Teach them to value nature and preserve it
From 150 Eur

Paddle on Tara & Pedal to Trsa

  • Spend two evenings next to campfire
  • Relax, unwind and enjoy time with friends
  • Enjoy the best rafting tour on the Tara River
  • Enjoy mountain biking, fun, sun and water
From 140 Eur

Rafting & Hiking Family Adventure

  • Relax, unwind and enjoy time with family
  • Hike as much as you like
  • Enjoy the best of Tara River rafting
  • Spend two evenings next to campfire
  • From 130 Eur

    We are happy to make you happier

    Going on a whitewater rafting trip with family and friends is just what you need to experience Montenegro at its best. Ride challenging rapids at great prices with our friendly, experienced whitewater rafting guides. Don’t delay! Reserve your Tara River white water rafting trip today.

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    We provide it all – experienced guides, professional equipment, wetsuits, lifejackets,, and neoprene booties for your comfort, incredible food, and memories to last a lifetime

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